President’s Message

Hello Kansas Orff Chapter,

Thank you so much for being a part of our chapter. We would not have a chapter without your consistent attendance at workshops. Please know that the board and myself are here to listen to your ideas and suggestions on how to make KOC better, and how we can continue to bring quality Orff-Schulwerk presenters to Kansas.

I have two things to mention to you. The first is please consider passing on all of the correspondence that you get from us regarding workshops to your colleagues. Much like reaching out to our parents in our schools, we need to continue to reach out to those in our districts who haven’t attended a workshop. One of the sessions at national emphasized that not only do we have to do a good job, but we need to tell someone about it. I think our workshops are so great, I would like to see our attendance grow and especially with people from western Kansas. So, consider passing the word on for us!!

Second, presidents of each chapter attend an advisory session during the national conference. This year, the news was a little bleaker than in the past. Our national organization (AOSA) and many other national organizations are losing members. National is currently trying to address two issues:

• How can we get more teachers to be national members?

• What more could the national organization do for its members?

I encourage you to talk with board members and give them your thoughts.
Many people think that belonging to AOSA is only important if you go to conference. Currently AOSA offers to its members:

• A subscription to the Orff Echo (one of the best music teacher magazines I have ever read)

• Access to a video library filled with workshops from the finest teacher/presenters

• Reverberations-now an online magazine filled with teacher tidbits and local chapter news. It also is filled with thank yous from the various scholarship recipients

• Access to scholarships thru many different funds for levels training, instrument purchase, study abroad, etc.

• National Conference-yes it is expensive, but it is truly wonderful and filled with the same great presenters that your local chapter is trying to bring right here to Kansas.

Please think about becoming an AOSA member. I know that times are tough and each of us has to consider where our next dollar goes. I believe that belonging to AOSA helps to continue a fine tradition of music teaching excellence in our country and that that is worth the price of your membership.

Thanks for reading KOC and I hope that your school year is filled with wonderful experiences for your students!!

Christine Day
President, Kansas Orff Chapter